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Web Designing (UI)


UI technologies training in ameerpet: is providing the web designing course in hyderabad. is a training institute and also software company. we are providing training and projects with realtime well experienced professionals,with the limited members. Professional trainer interact with the students and clarify the concepts. we are also providing 100% placement assistance or the job offer with in our company.

About The Course is scheduling the webdesigning course in hyderabad. webdesigning (ui/ux technologies) is containing the programming languages like html,css,javascript, jquery Etc. the prerequistate for this course is having some programming knowledge.We are providing advanced topics of html, css, javascript and jquery and miniprojects also included and a real time project for the students with lab facility and dedicated approach towards the concept. This course is having demand for this jobs is evergreen. we will provide 100% placement assistance.

Course duration : 45 days

Course details and related concepts teached by the professional :

Introduction to Web Technologies

Careers in Web Technologies and Job Roles

How the Website Works?

Client and Server Scripting Language

Domains and Hosting

Responsive Web Designing

Types of Websites (Static and Dynamic Websites)

Web Standards and W3C recommendations

Introduction of Stock Photography

Types of Image

Pattern Stamp, Clone Stamp

Gradient Tool

Blur and Exposure Tool

Pen Tool, Shape Tool

Text Tool

Other Photoshop Tools

Layers, Groups and Smart Object

Blending Options

Other Photoshop Tools

Eraser Tool

Filter Effects

Client requirement analysis

Realtime Website Layout Design

Practical Task in Layout Design

Introduction to Adobe Photoshop

interfaceTour of Photoshop

Color Modes

Resolution and Presets

Move Tool

Marque Tool

Lasso Tool

Quick Selection, Magic Wand

Crop, Slicing Tool

Healing Brush, Patch Tool

Brush Tool

History Brush

What is Markup Language

Basic Structure of HTML

Difference Between HTML and XHTML

Head Section and Elements of Head Section

Meta Tags

Css Tags

Script Tag

Table Tag


Div Tag

Header Tags

Paragraph, Span, Pre Tags

Anchor Links and Named Anchors

Image Tag

Object Tag

Iframe Tag

Forms o Form Tag

Attributes of Form

POST and GET Method

Fieldset and Legend

Text input, Text area

Checkbox and Radio Button

Dropdown, List and Optgroup

File Upload and Hidden Fields

Submit, Image, Normal, Reset Button

Submit, Image, Normal, Reset Button

HTML Validators

Introduction to Adobe Dreamweaver

Dreamweaver Interface Basics

Defining a Dreamweaver site

Insert Toolbar

Common Tools

Layout Tools

Forms Tool

Spry Tools

Properties Panel

Using Snippets panel

Dreamweaver extensions

Template Design in DW

Editable and Non-Editable Regions

Defining the DWT for project

Creating sub pages for project

Introduction to Cascading Style Sheets

Types of CSS

CSS Selectors

Universal Selector

ID Selector

Tag Selector

Class Selector

Sub Selector

Child Combinatory Selector

Adjacent Sibling Selector

Attribute Selector

Group selector

First-line and First-letter selector

Before and After Selector

CSS Properties

Type Properties

Background Properties

Block Properties

Box Properties

List Properties

Border Properties

Positioning Propeties

Realtime Implementation

Converstion of Table to CSS Layout

CSS Menu Design (Horizontal, Vertical)

Form Designing

Introduction to HTML5

Features of HTML5

HTML5 DocType

New Structure Tags







Designing a HTML Structure of Page

New Media Tags

Audio Tag

Video Tag

Canvas and Svg Tag

Introduction to HTML5 Forms

New Attributes

Placeholder Attribute

Require Attribute

Pattern Attribute

Autofocus Attribute

email , tel, url types

number type

date type

range type

voice search

Examples of Form

Introduction to CSS 3

New CSS 3 Selectors

Attribute Selectors





New CSS3 Properties

Custom Fonts

Text-Shadow Property

Text-Stroke Property

Rounded Corners

Box Shadows

CSS Gradients

CSS Multiple backgrounds

Opacity Property

Transition effect

Transform effect

Animation effects

Css Media Queries

Using CSS3 in Practical Layout

Introduction to Responsive Design

Mobile first design concepts

Common device dimensions

View-port tag

Using css media queries

Menu conversion script

Basic Custom Layout

Introduction to Bootstrap

Installation of Bootstrap

Grid System



Icons Integration

Using CSS3 in Practical Layout


Introduction to Client Side Scripting

Introduction to Java Script

Javascript Types

Variables in JS

Operators in JS

Conditions Statements

Java Script Loops

JS Popup Boxes

JS Events

JS Arrays

Working with Arrays

JS Objects

JS Functions

Using Java Script in Realtime

Related Examples

Validation of Forms

Introduction to jQuery

jQuery Features

Installing jQuery

jQuery Syntax

jQuery Ready Function

jQuery Selectors

jQuery Actions

jQuery plugins

jQuery Validation plugin

jQuery Slideshow

jQuery Dropdown

jQuery UI

Working with jQueryUI

jQuery Accordions

jQuery Tabs

jQuery Tooltips

jQuery Autocomplete

Introduction to Animation

Introduction to Adobe Flash

Tools in Adobe Flash

Shape Tween and Motion Tween

Frame Animation

Various Flash Effects

Creating Flash Banners

Creating Flash Intro’s

Creating Flash Website

Basics of Action Scripting

Web Hosting Basics

Types of Hosting Packages

Registering domains

Defining Name Servers

Using Control Panel

Creating Emails in Cpanel

Using FTP Client

Maintaining a Website

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