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SAP S/4 HANA - BPC 11.0


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Why to take this Course & Prerequistes?

For Learning Sap Hana Training in Hyderabad. elegibility is any graduate, finance, business tactics, for and,and MBAform any bussiness school. for the maintainence bussiness,consulting handiling the core concepts of ERP, we need Sap hana with the soffisticated software tool

About The Course

SAP S/4 HANA - Bpc 11.0

SAP HANA in-memory database can help applications to zero-in on the information they need – without wasting time shifting through irrelevant data. As a result it delivers instant answers to complex queries and to make better decision across the enterprise.

SAP HANA is a completely innovative, real-time platform for analytics and applications. While simplifying the IT loads, it provides powerful features like: significant processing speed, the ability to handle big data, predictive capabilities and text mining capabilities.


SAP Integrated Business planning is an SAP’s product , which has taken new state of art platform for the real-time, integrated supply-chain planning – built on top of SAP HANA, for the cloud deployment. SAP IBP has been developed to deliver integrated, unified planning across sales & operations, demand, inventory, supply & response planning, as well as the supply chain control tower for dashboard analytics & monitoring. It delivers a new paradigm of the user experience (UX) & efficiency, leveraging the real-time dashboards, advanced predictive analytics, interactive simulation. Register at Campus for SAP IBP Training and find out how you can run better and faster with integrated business planning.


SAP FICO – Financial Accounting and Controlling is an interconnected module in SAP ERP which allows management to make better business decisions through financial accounting and data management. For example: Chart of accounts which allows you to define all accounts and their hierarchical relationships. Journal Entries allow you to enter or find manual Journal Entries and automatically allocate each transaction to a project or profit centre.

Course Duration : 45 Days

Course Details and Related Concepts Teached By The Professional :

Fiscal Year Variant

Posting Period Variant

Field Status Variant

Posting Keys

Tolerance Groups

Document Types

Chart of Accounts

Account Groups

Retained Earnings Account

GL Master Records

Open item Management

Line item Display

Sort Key

Automatic Posting

Vendor Account Groups

Number Ranges for Vendor Account groups

Tolerance groups for Vendors

Vendor Master records

Vendor Advance Posting

Payment Terms

Vendor Also become a Customer Tax

Automatic Payment Program

Define House Bank

Define Cheque Lots

ash Journal

Customer Account Groups

Tolerance Groups for Customers

Customer Master Records

Customer Advance Posting

Payment Terms

Customer Also become a Vendor

Bill of Exchange

Chart of Depreciation

Copy Reference Chart of Depreciation

Create 0% Purchase & Sales Tax Codes for non Taxable transactions.

Assign 0% Tax codes to non taxable Transactions.

Assign Company Code to Chart of Account.

Depreciation Area.

Define Depreciation Area.

Determine Depreciation Area in Asset Class.

Asset Class.

Define Account Determination.

Define Screen Layout.

Create number ranges for asset class

Create Asset Class.

Creation of GL Accounts.

Assign GL Accounts.

Valuation Methods.

Define Base Method.

Define Multilevel method.

Define Period Control method.

Depreciation Key.

Asset Master Record.

Creation of Screen layout for Asset master records.

Create Screen layout for Depreciation ( Layout ) area.

Define Document Types for Depreciation Posting.

Asset End user Transactions

Creation of Asset Master Record.

Asset Acquisition/Purchase Posting.

Asset Explorer.

Retirement of Asset with Sale/Scrap.

Asset Depreciation Run.

Controlling Area /Organizational Structure

Define Controlling area

Maintain Number Ranges

Maintain Plan Versions

Primary Cost Elements

Revenue Cost Elements

Secondary Cost Elements

Activate Internal order

Define Internal Order Types

Create New Field Status Variant for Making I/O Mandatory

Master Data

Create Internal orders

Create Internal order Groups

Internal order Planning

Internal order Settlement

Set Controlling area

Define Dummy Profit Center

Set Controlling area parameters

Maintain Plan Versions

Master Records

Create Profit Centers

Create Profit Center Group

Integration Between FI –SD

Integration Between FI – MM

Month End reports

Year End Reports

Financial Statement Versions

Contact Form Details


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